Latin Foods And African Roots: Celebrating Black History Month 2022

The cultural influence of The African diaspora following the enslavement of millions of West Africans can be seen all across Latin America. As Black History Month comes to an end, we want to take a minute to acknowledge and appreciate the African history of Latin cultural cuisine. Many might not realize that cultural dishes thatContinue reading “Latin Foods And African Roots: Celebrating Black History Month 2022”

New Year, New Home!

Happy 2022! With this new year comes a big transition for us: We moved! The LARiA Project has a new home-base, New Orleans, LA, and it is now housed at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. New Orleans brings new opportunities for our work, building our network within a a cityContinue reading “New Year, New Home!”

Let’s hear from customers!

After gaining insights on Latin restaurant environments from owners and staff, we are now seeking information from customers. These restaurants want to ensure that customers are truly enjoying the food and service offered. This input is extremely important for us. As we begin to work with restaurants to develop innovative ways to facilitate and promoteContinue reading “Let’s hear from customers!”

Healthy eating promoting innovations in restaurants: A look at the past 20 years (New Publication!)

Sharing our latest publication, examining how restaurants have created innovations facilitating healthier eating in the past 20 years.