Design Thinking Breakfast at Fritai

Last week, we had our first community engagement event in New Orleans: a design thinking breakfast! These events are hosted by Tulane University’s Taylor Center, as informal and playful community-building spaces for experimenting with design, design thinking, and related methods for social impact. We spent the morning at Fritai, a Haitian restaurant located in theContinue reading “Design Thinking Breakfast at Fritai”

Innovative Collaborations with New Orleans Restaurants: Eat Fit NOLA

The move to our new home, New Orleans (NOLA), brings opportunities for new collaborations. We found an organization whose work with local restaurants aligns with ours: Eat Fit. Eat Fit is a program designed to encourage chefs to offer menu items that promote good health. The Eat Fit menu seal helps customers identify foods thatContinue reading “Innovative Collaborations with New Orleans Restaurants: Eat Fit NOLA”