Innovative Collaborations with New Orleans Restaurants: Eat Fit NOLA

The move to our new home, New Orleans (NOLA), brings opportunities for new collaborations. We found an organization whose work with local restaurants aligns with ours: Eat Fit. Eat Fit is a program designed to encourage chefs to offer menu items that promote good health. The Eat Fit menu seal helps customers identify foods thatContinue reading “Innovative Collaborations with New Orleans Restaurants: Eat Fit NOLA”

Learning From Experts: Lourdes Castro MS RDN on Latin Restaurants and Healthy Eating

If you’re like many people who made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier or perhaps, to lose weight, now might be about when you’re really struggling with your goals. Restrictive diets and bland foods make it pretty difficult to maintain a healthy eating goal. This is especially apparent when dining out. Large portion sizesContinue reading “Learning From Experts: Lourdes Castro MS RDN on Latin Restaurants and Healthy Eating”

New Year, New Home!

Happy 2022! With this new year comes a big transition for us: We moved! The LARiA Project has a new home-base, New Orleans, LA, and it is now housed at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. New Orleans brings new opportunities for our work, building our network within a a cityContinue reading “New Year, New Home!”

Que Chevere – In Action

The name of this project is Latin American Restaurants in Action, and a major part of it is to encourage and promote the work of exceptional Latin restaurants that do exactly that. What it means to be “in action” really depends on how you look at it. When we think of restaurants in action, weContinue reading “Que Chevere – In Action”

A Mexican Food Story, As Told By Mariana Pelaez

When asked to describe Mexican food, many people might think burritos, queso dip, Taco Bell, and Tex-Mex. While these foods of course exist, both in the US and in Mexico, Mexican food on this side of the border tends to be overly simplified and stigmatized as cheap, greasy, unhealthy hangover food. The reality is thatContinue reading “A Mexican Food Story, As Told By Mariana Pelaez”