First round of listening sessions completed!

We are thrilled to share that this week we completed our first round of discussions with owners of Latin American restaurants!

The discussions provided us with needed insights on the experiences of restaurants owners during these difficult times. At the same time, we also learned about the innovative approaches restaurants have taken to survive the shut-downs, pivot for delivery, and begin the process of re-opening. These changes have not been easy, including having to adapt food and packaging for delivery, many times reducing menus.

While the discussions were eye opening for us, we were also happy to see that owners also gained key insights from the time spent learning from one another. The owners exchanged valuable information about key services, such as delivery apps and ways to adapt their businesses to this new reality.

We are thankful to the restaurants that took the time to share their experiences and insights with us. And we are looking forward to our next round of discussions!

Interested in joining us? Our sign-up will re-open by Monday, October 19, for discussions planned for early November. See the Get Involved section for more information. We will be looking to speak with owners and kitchen staff, to continue to learn more about how these businesses and continue to uncover ways to work together.

Published by M. Fuster

Food policy and nutrition scholar interested in the historical, social and cultural factors surrounding food policies and eating behaviors in Latin American populations.

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